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Use ConcentrAid to
  • write your paper

  • respond to emails

  • search for your data

  • get focused reading time

  • work on your thesis

  • study for exams

  • work on your data analysis

  • prepare your teaching

  • get your admin work done

...and everything else you have to get done!

How it works

Choose your preferred date and time to work, and we’ll match you with a partner from our research community.

Each session consists of 50 minutes deep work and a 10-minutes break,
following the
pomodoro principle.

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1. Book a session

When do you want to work? Select a time slot and we match you with a partner in our community. You can either click on an empty slot or join an existing session.

2. Join the video call

Say hello to your partner, share your goals, mute and get to work! Each work session consists of 50 minutes of focused work, followed by a 10-minutes break.

3. Enjoy your break!

Once the session comes to an end, take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate your success. You can also take this opportunity to connect with your partner, discuss your projects, or treat yourself to a cup of coffee. Whatever feels good for you!

Why you should concentraid

feel less stressed

Are you facing an upcoming deadline or simply overwhelmed with work? Use ConcentrAid to block fixed time slots and work consistently on your projects.

get connected

Use ConcentrAid to expand your network across various universities! Who knows, it might even lead to a collaboration?

be productive

Instead of procrastinating, book a focus session that can help you be more productive. Your partner will hold you accountable to show up and follow through with your work.


3 sessions per week are free!

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unlimited number of sessions.

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We are two former PhD students at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. When writing our dissertation, we started working together by sharing Zoom Links, which was a real game changer for us. We were significantly more productive and were more successful in tracking our own progress. Also, we felt less lonely when working from home, which is otherwise a downside of remote work.

Inspired by our own experiences, we want to make digital co-working available for you as well. Even though our research fields may differ, we all encounter similar problems: How can you stay productive and make progress? How can you overcome feelings of being overwhelmed?

Join us in creating a supportive and motivating community that will help you reach your goals and tackle these challenges together.

Elisabeth presenting her last paper

Caroline at her public PhD defense

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with an unknown partner: what can you expect?

We understand that this might feel strange at first. But we promise that after one or two minutes, you won't think about it anymore!

With whom will I be matched?

Right now, you will be matched with a partner who has chosen the same time slot as you. Then, we will do our best to match you with someone from a similar research field. This can be particularly beneficial if you would like to discuss ideas or problems during the break, but it's entirely up to you.

What equipment do I need?

In order to use ConcentrAid, you do need a PC or laptop with a camera, microphone and an internet connection.

Do I need to keep the camera on?

No, once you've started your work session, feel free to turn off the camera. Just check with your partner first.

Do I have to keep the sound on?

No, not at all! Feel free to mute yourself after you have talked about your goals at the beginning of your session.

Why does a session last for 50 minutes?

ConcentrAid is designed based on the Pomodoro technique, which has been proven to enhance productivity. By breaking your work into intervals with short breaks in between, you can maintain focus and get more done.

What is the benefit of an unkown partner?

Have you ever wondered why it's easier to hit the gym with a workout partner at a set time each week than doing workouts alone? It's because of a sense of obligation to the other person, also known as social accountability. This feeling is even stronger when working with an unknown partner, as we tend to make more effort to be on time and avoid distracting each other from work. That's why working with a partner through ConcentrAid can help increase your productivity. However, during the 10-minute break, feel free to connect with your partner and discuss your projects.

What are the do's?
  • Be respectful, friendly, and – most important - be on time.
  • Use the chat to let your partner know if you have to leave your seat (e.g. for a bathroom break).
  • State your session goals in the beginning.
  • Please stick to the session until the end. If something comes up, let your partner know via the chat.
  • Just a tip: During the session, mute your phone and put it away.
What are the don'ts?
  • Show up! Your partner is waiting for you. If you can’t make it, please delete the session from your calendar. This gives your partner the opportunity for a new co-working match.
  • Do not distract your partner during a session!
  • Do not make videos or screenshots of your session. Be respectful of your partner's privacy.
I have some ideas to improve ConcentrAid!

Great! ConcentrAid is still developing, so we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement. We are happy if you contact us via mail at