Which equipment do I need?

In order to use ConcentrAid, you do need a PC or laptop with a camera, microphone and an internet connection.

What is it like to work with a complete stranger?

We understand that this might feel strange at first. But we promise that after one or two minutes, you won't think about it anymore!

Do I need to keep the camera on?

No, once you've started your work session, feel free to turn off the camera. Just check with your partner first.

Do I have to keep the sound on?

No, not at all! Feel free to mute yourself after you have talked about your goals at the beginning of your session.

Why does a session last for 50 minutes?

This working rhythm is based on the Pomodoro technique for productive work. It states that you are more productive when you work in fixed intervals with regular breaks.

What is the benefit of an unkown partner?

An unkown working partner increases social accountability.
Why is it easier to hit the gym at a set time each week with a workout partner than doing workouts alone? Because we feel a sense of obligation to the other person. We refer to this feeling as social accountability. And the less we actually know the other person, the more we feel socially accountable. With strangers, we will automatically make more effort to be on time. In addition, we are less likely to distract each other from work than we would amongst friends. (But of course, feel free to reach out to the other person and discuss your projects in the 10-minutes break.)

What are the Do's?
  • Be respectful, friendly, and – most important - be on time.
  • Use the chat to let your partner know if you have to leave your seat (e.g. for a bathroom break).
  • State your session goals in the beginning.
  • Please stick to the session until the end. If something comes up, let your partner know via the chat.
  • Just a tip: During the session, mute your phone and put it away.
What are the don'ts?
  • Show up! Your partner is waiting for you. If you can’t make it, please delete the session from your calendar. This gives your partner the opportunity for a new co-working match.
  • Do not distract your partner during a session!
  • Do not make videos or screenshots of your session. Be respectful of your partner's privacy.
I have some ideas to improve ConcentrAid

Great! ConcentrAid is still developing, so we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement. We are happy if you contact us via mail at info@myconcentraid.com